Lighting design

eAge has extensive expertise in designing appropriate lighting and corresponding systems for both indoor and outdoor applications. our designers are capable of providing all aspects of a commercial lighting projects, from fixture selection to controls, photometric studies and power saving analysis.

During construction on lighting projects, building owners benefit from eAge's expert abilities in fixture aiming, photometric verification, and operations and maintenance coordination.We provide high-performance and energy-efficient lighting solutions in a world of ever-changing cutting edge lighting technologies. eAge's designers are dedicated to keep up speed with the latest lighting manufacturers, lamp technology, products and control solutions for today's most challenging design projects.

Our designers offers a wide range of expertise in residential buildings, corporate offices, educational facilities, libraries, courthouses, as well as hospitality and retail applications.

At eAge, we believe integrated lighting design has the potential to highlight and strengthen the architect's and owner's design vision. We believe it's not only important to think long-term in regards to efficiency, but also understand a design's form and function in order to generate a solution that can illuminate infinite possibilities.

Our lighting services include:

  • Architectural Lighting Design & Specifications
  • Client Coordination & Consulting
  • Illumination Analysis using Visual Professional Software
  • Comprehensive Lighting Solutions 
  • Custom or Retrofit Lighting solutions
  • Urban Lighting Design for exterior landscapes, parking lots and roadways.